Friday, April 21, 2006

Calling all Carnies to the next Carnival of the Mundane

The next Carnival of the Mundane rolls into the blogosphere next Friday, April 28, and will be hosted by a curmudgeon named Jordana who, despite her cryptic URL (MuNu? Where's that?) claims to blog from Tennessee. Submit your mundane blog stories, with a wee bit of explanation and a link, to jordana at sluggy dot net.

What is the Carnival of the Mundane, you ask? Well, visit some of our previous blog carnivals and you'll get the idea. (You can find the links to your right.)

Step right up!

Want to be a carnie? Email Postmodern Sass at postmodernsass at gmail dot com to be added to our email list. Be notified of upcoming carnivals; have your chance as ringmaster; get great deals on tickets... tell all your friends.

If you're already one of our carnie crew — that is, if you've previously hosted or contributed — please link to this site and help keep the only blog carnival to have its own blog growing.