Thursday, June 15, 2006

Guidelines for Joining the Carnival of the Mundane

The Carnival of the Mundane has been rolling along for six months now, growing and developing like an unruly chia pet, and picking up a little lint along the way.

This is a truly wonderful thing, and we thank everyone who has joined our carnival to help make this happen. It is also a signal that it is time to impose some structure on our rather loosely defined child, lest she run wild in the streets and end up nothing more than a pile of chutney spread across the tarmac.

You'll forgive the mixing of metaphors?

Herewith, the rules (call them guidelines if you wish) for submitting:
Rule #1: Look up the meaning of the word mundane in the dictionary.

Rule #2: Before submitting, spend some time browsing the Carnival of the Mundane website.

Rule #3: Submit your contributions directly to the host of the carnival. The next host and details for how to submit to him or her will always be posted on the Carnival of the Mundane website.

Rule #4: Add the Carnival of the Mundane to your blogroll.

Rule #5: Mention, and link to, the Carnival of the Mundane before the next carnival, and encourage your readers to join, and on the day of the carnival encourage your readers to read it.

And the rules for hosting:
Rule #1: If you'd like to host the Carnival of the Mundane, look at the schedule, pick a date, and send an email to Dean or Postmodern Sass.

Rule #2: The enforcement of the submission rules is entirely within the discretion of the host of the Carnival.

Rule #3:The host may, but need not necessarily, accept all submissions.

Rule #4:The host may, but need not necessarily accept multiple submissions from one blogger.

Rule #5:The host may make up his or her own rules for submissions.
We're calling them rules because "Rule #1: You don't talk about Fight Club" sounds better than "Guideline #1." But guidelines they are, in the sense that you may break the rules when you submit to the carnival, so long as you bear in mind that the host ultimately decides what to include.