Friday, June 16, 2006

Calling all non triskadekaphobiacs

The next Carnival of the Mundane will be on a Friday and will be the thirteenth Carnival we've had. In effect, it will be Friday the Thirteenth! (Mwuah Ha Ha ha!)

[Okay, that's lame, but work with me, I'm building a theme, here]

Promising more thrills, more chills (and if we're really lucky, more Hayley Mills) than ever before, the Thirteenth Carnival of the Mundane will be unlike any party you've ever been to before.

Can't promise you'll live through it, but you will enjoy the downward spiral. If you have what takes send your submission (note the lack of "s" ending that word) to Hyperion at hyperioninstitute at gmail dot com by midnight Wednesday.

We'll see you next Friday at the Hyperion Institute. (Don't forget to bring a candle.)